I had attained my Chartered membership in RICS through AIMS Guidance Program conducted by Mr. Ramesh Palikila in 2011. AIMS provided me complete, valuable and effective tools for preparing and developing myself as a Contracts Professional in the Construction Industry. My eventful journey post MRICS with AIMS also provided me a professional platform where new experience, knowledge and skills could be acquired, demonstrated and shared with many Construction Professionals as a mentor. AIMS is highly recommended for young and experienced Quantity Surveyors and Contracts Professionals who aspire to develop further in their respective profession and career.

Mr. Mohammad Shakeel - DUBAI


I have known Mr. Ramesh Palikila, the founder of AIMS for over 4 years. He successfully mentored our team during my APC journey in 2011, which is testimony that AIMS is a remarkable mentoring organization with a focus on not only their candidates’ professional success, but also on their career and personal development. AIMS are passionate about success and results. I have considerable respect for AIMS and sincerely believe that they are unique in global professional development of QS/Contracts profession.  I fully subscribe to AIMS missions, and consider it an honor to be part of its success story, being one of the successful candidates of the founding batch of AIMS.

Ms. Reham Ragab - DUBAI


Motivation, Morale enhancement and Mentorship are the 3M’s that come to my mind when I think of Ramesh. He was instrumental in motivating me to get through the APC process of RICS. I have taken the Senior Professional Route for the chartered status and he was patient enough to walk along with me in the entire process and it is not an exaggeration to say that he has helped me to know my own potential. I am delighted to know that he has formalized his dream of empowering the professionals to advance their own careers. I wish him good luck and reiterate my support in his passionate journey.

Mr. R. Venkat - DUBAI


It has been fabulous to have someone who is willing to share knowledge and experience with honesty, sincerity and trust in the profession. I believe my success, up to a very large extent, is due to Mr. Ramesh Palikila’s sincere support, motivation and mentorship. The knowledge and wisdom he has imparted to me has been a great help in succeeding through the RICS APC process. AIMS Guidance Program was a very thought-provoking and stimulating experience where I have learned the new perspective. I am pleased to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to AIMS – it is an absolute, incredible and ideal place to learn and enrich ourselves with professional experience and proceed towards success in achieving membership to professional institutions. Best wishes to AIMS success in the future.

Mr. Tamilselvam Manickam - DUBAI


The lecturers, the resources and the consistent support available at AIMS was outstanding and they help to embrace the challenges that come with making the step to get MRICS. I am sure my success would not have been possible, without AIMS. AIMS sessions are conducted by a team who are passionate about career development and they transfer that passion to the attendees. Apart from gaining subject knowledge, the sessions also motivates and ignites you and they influence you immensely to maintain focus on the target. AIMS also gave the opportunity to network with some fantastic like-minded people. The networking was very important, since there is nothing more powerful than working with others with common goals. I can say with certainty, that attending AIMS sessions is a must for all MRICS aspirants.

Mr. Hashir Shahul Hameed - Dubai

BE (Civil), MRICS

I can say that meeting Mr. Ramesh was a major turning point in my professional life. He provided me a platform to learn and share knowledge, develop skills, perform and deliver the success. I consider myself very fortunate to be a part of AIMS 2014-2015 APC Guidance Program and it has a major contribution in attaining my MRICS. The lectures and reference material that I received during the program was not only useful for APC process, it will be useful for my entire professional life. Further the professional network that I got through the program has given me a tremendous support and invaluable friendship in the industry. The sharing of information and the life time experience from all fields of construction has helped me to advance my abilities technically. In short AIMS transformed me from an ordinary quantity surveyor to a confident chartered quantity surveyor.

Ms. Sangeetha Babu – DUBAI


I joined AIMS in May-2015 and it was a great opportunity for me to get proper guidance for my APC process. During the mentoring sessions, Mr. Ramesh provided us with the valuable study reference material and shared valuable experience. The guidance sessions were excellent. The sessions were conducted in a professional manner to achieve the required quality of knowledge for the APC process. AIMS Guidance Program motivated me and enhanced my knowledge which helped me to get success first time in my APC process. I'm very much pleased to say that AIMS provides us with a platform where we can develop our career and share the ideas in a team to achieve our goal.


Mr. Satvir Singh - DUBAI


AIMS APC Guidance program is well tailored to meet the highest level of quality and knowledge. The professional support and advice provided by Mr. Ramesh Palikila made an invaluable contribution towards my success in APC interview in the very first attempt. AIMS created the final assessment experience through their mock interviews, allowing me to go in to the final interview confident and relaxed. I believe it is a life changing program that will help many professionals to achieve their aims at an international level.

Ms. Manju Poovathumkadavil - KUWAIT


I attended AIMS Competency Driven APC Guidance Program in 2015 and I believe it was my best decision of that year. Mr. Palikila, founder of AIMS, is a great mentor and he possesses a unique skill to guide aspirants in the right direction. AIMS has provided me a great platform to enhance my knowledge and further opportunities to discuss and share knowledge with the like-minded professionals from various countries. In addition to the guidance to prepare for APC, AIMS guided us to develop the right professional attitude which is essential to thrive in this competitive industry. Guidance and reference materials for APC were provided to cover all the competencies within the minimum possible time to suit the requirement of busy professionals. I wish great success to all future aspirants and AIMS.

Mr. Biswajit Rakshit - DUBAI

BSc (Hons.), MRICS

Mr Ramesh, Founder of AIMS is a true professional, driven by his passion of teaching and with his vision, AIMS is emerging as a renowned mentoring platform in Dubai for career aspirants who are looking for a Chartered Membership in Quantity Surveying profession. My dream to have a Chartered Membership in QS Profession was nurtured and supported by Mr. Ramesh at various levels of my success to attain RICS membership in the first attempt. AIMS guidance program has provided me complete support in the APC process and it also helped me to develop my personal skills. I thank all the people who shared their valuable knowledge through lectures, group discussions and brain storming sessions at AIMS. A well-developed step by step organized learning process in a systematic manner by AIMS can cater the requirements of various organizations. It’s my whole hearted request for the young aspirants to join AIMS for their growth in profession and get real time experience from the motivating lectures from Mr Ramesh. My honest and sincere thanks to Mr Ramesh for his invaluable support at all time during my APC and for his vision to establish AIMS to support career aspirants in QS profession...

Mr. Vishwas B Shetty – DUBAI


I registered for my APC with RICS in 2013 to become MRICS after completion of my BSc (QS) from College of Estate Management (UK- Distance education). I continually postponing my attempt to attend APC interview due to lack of mentors or Counsellors in Oman and fortunately I met Mr. Ramesh in Muscat in March 2015 with reference to one of my friends who got success through AIMS in Dubai. Mr. Ramesh (Founder of AIMS) has initiated AIMS mentoring sessions in Oman for MRICS aspirants and I was lucky to get this wonderful opportunity and I got complete guidance from AIMS. AIMS has really transformed my potentials from an ordinary Quantity Surveyor to Chartered Quantity Surveyor. I realized the real power of team working in AIMS sessions. AIMS focuses on the aspirants’ professional success including guidance on their career and personal development as well. To be honest my success would not have been possible, without AIMS. Finding AIMS and Mr. Ramesh has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. Thanks to AIMS team for conducting such a dynamic professional development sessions and mock interviews to build confidence in me to lead my future with a leadership skills.

Mr. Ravikumar – Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


The professional support and advice provided through AIMS APC Guidance program by Mr. Ramesh Palikila made an effective and efficient impact on my performance in APC Final Interview leading to my success. AIMS program helped me to get the experience of final assessment through their mock interviews, allowing me to go in to the final interview confident and relaxed. I believe it is a life changing program that will help many professionals to achieve their aims at an international level. I strongly recommend AIMS to ensure success in APC.

Mr. Mohammed Fareedul Haq Imadi - KUWAIT


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